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Providing Free! Christian Discipleship Material and Bible Studies for personal study, one on one discipleship, youth ministry, small group Bible studies, Sunday School and evangelism outreaches in order to help you fulfill Christ's Great Commission to...

"make disciples of all nations".

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Free! Discipleship Study Books: Five Discipleship Study Books for Personal Study, Study Groups, Discipleship, Sunday School, Ministry Training, etc.!

Free! Discipleship Lessons: Lessons from the Discipleship Study Books.

Free! Inductive Studies:These 'Do It Yourself Guided Study' books take you verse by verse through the text. Excellent for personal or group study!

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Free! Prophecy: The King is Coming!

Free! Gospel Tract: Print, Fold and Freely Distribute this concise presentaton of the Gospel message.

Free! Bible Study CD: Containing every study on this website.

Free! What Does the Bible Say About ...? Answers to questions you may have.

Online Interactive Studies: Living the Christian Life.

How to Get to Heaven: Finding Eternal Life in Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Revival: God's conditions for Revival.

Gospel Comics: Illustrated presentation of Jesus' life!

Papua New Guinea Journal: Lessons God has taught me.

You Can Help!: How to make an eternal investment.

Statement of Faith:Our stand on God, Christ and the Bible.

Spiritual Multiplication:How one Believer can impact the world!

Witnessing:How to share your faith with others.

Follow-Up:How to follow up those who receive Christ.

Discipleship:How to disciple those who receive Christ.

Resources More Discipleship resources and materials.

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